Editorial Board

November 9, 2012

Justice is the law of God in the Muslim society even as brotherly giving and benevolence characterize the Islamic society.
We insist very much on justice and equity as sociopolitical objectives because many Muslim activists pass them over in silence as being something obvious in Islam. By failing to place those momentous issues on the top of their agendas, some Muslim activists leave the way open to communists and socialists who analyze the reality of Muslims with foreign tools, and use people’ s indignation against despotism and corruption to achieve their ends while we keep describing the illnesses of our ummah without giving suitable remedies.
The equal distribution of the ummah’s revenues must not remain within the purview of individual, pious acts. It must rather be a major social, political claim of Muslims as national entities, and then as a global united community.
Vertical progress towards God will never be achieved in its most perfect form without horizontal progress towards man through serving him as an individual, a citizen of a society, and a member of the international community. Social equality, economic prosperity, and political stability are atop the priorities of the services to be rendered to him in order to facilitate his moral and spiritual ascent. Justice and Spirituality are thus two sides of the same coin.