Mobile App of the Meritorious Chapters and Verses

Editorial Board

April 26, 2016

The best spiritual station that Man can ever seek in his worship of God is that of showing absolute servitude to his Maker, the Lord of all creatures. The sensible is therefore the one who works to achieve that end by seeking permanently to satisfy his Lord and renew his sincere repentance, longing for meeting Him. Man cannot actually achieve such goal except by dedicating his efforts to performing the best of deeds whereby the diligent servants of God seek His nearness—reciting and rehearsing the Holy Qur’ān day and night. To make things easy for our dear readers, the Foundation of Imam Yassine sites has done every possible effort to render the Meritorious Chapters and Verses in an application format so that readers can easily access them on smart phones.

To download the convenient version for your smart phone:
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