Prof. Imad Benjelloun

Imad Benjelloun

August 14, 2023

Abstract for the First International Scientific Conference on The Centrality of the Holy Qur’ān in Imam Abdessalam Yassine’s Theory of the Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawi], Istanbul, December 1 – 2, 2012

Imad Benjelloun – Delaware Valley College, Pennsylvania, USA



Imām Abdessalam Yassine puts the attainment of iḥsān [spiritual excellence] along with the establishment of justice as the dual primary goal of following the Prophetic Method that he developed (Yassine, 1998; Yassine; 2000a). He defines iḥsān with three complementary meanings, the third of which is to pursue excellence (Yassine, 1998). The question is then how to pursue excellence in light of the Noble Qur’ān and the Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawī]? Specifically, this paper shows how to apply the ten attributes [al-Khiṣāl al-’Ashr] (Yassine, 1981) of the Prophetic Method to such pursuit of excellence. It reformulates these ten attributes as follows: (1) accompany the best people of high moral and spiritual fiber in order to guide you and support you in your lifetime journey of pursuing comprehensive excellence to attain optimal and perpetual results; (2) remember God in order to empower you for the journey; (3) get yourself truly committed to excellence in order to achieve it; (4) give your best in order to get the best; (5) learn what to excel at and how to excel in order to be on the right path; (6) put knowledge into practice in order to become an expert; (7) outshine in the right direction in order to join the best of the bests; (8) proceed deliberately and steadfastly while scaling up the journey’s ascent in order to overcome the journey’s obstacles; (9) be balanced and purposeful in order to best serve God’s creation; and (10) strive to finish the journey and return to God with an excellent soul.


  1. God’s Perfect Work And Plan
  2. Why To Excel In This Life For The Next?
  3. Accompany Men Of God In Order To Guide You And Support You
  4. Remember God In Order To Empower You For The Journey
  5. Be Truly Committed To Excellence In Order To Achieve It
  6. Give Your Best In Order To Get The Best
  7. Learn What And How To Excel In Order To Be On The Right Path
  8. Put Knowledge Into Practice In Order To Become An Expert
  9. Outshine In The Right Direction In Order To Join The Best Of The Bests
  10. Persevere Patiently In Order To Overcome The Journey’s Obstacles
  11. Be Balanced And Purposeful In Order To Best Serve God’s Creation
  12. Strive To Finish The Journey And Return To God With An Excellent Soul
  13. Pursuing Perfection Not Perfectionism


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