Letter to Sessions of Spiritual Counseling [an-Nasiha]

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To show our gratitude to God for the favor of guiding us to remember Him and assist each other in working righteousness, we must inform of the spiritual importance of such sessions, reconcile hearts and souls, endear such blessed gatherings to our brothers and sisters, accompany them to such congregations and urge them kindly to attend them...

Magnanimity [murua] And Noble Character

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Noble manners are the second pillar of the believer’s character [man and woman]. The prophet’s, God bless him and grant him peace, ḥadiths evince that though a man or a woman might have some piety in them, their moral flaws keep them from satisfying the requirements of the fitra preservation mission through childbirth and upbringing. ...

The Justice and Spirituality Letter

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Brothers and sisters, it behooves a movement that carries a futuristic project to arm itself with a strong faith to be able to entrench itself in the ground of reality and stand its ground in the face of the terrifying and catastrophic quakes that are plaguing the Ummah. The Islamic Call remains the bright hope and the moving reality amid fitna...

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