The Wound of Palestine

For centuries, Jews lived side by side with Muslims under the protective wing of the Caliphate of Spain. Jewish historians themselves recognize and demonstrate that the golden age of their people was situated geographically and historically in Muslim Spain. At a time when the race…

Signs of Renewal of Islam
Democracy? What Democracy?
Winning the Modern World for Islam - Translator’s Forword
The Rights of Woman in Islam
Imam Yassine

Abdessalam Yassine

After that, I advise the one who hears or reads my words with that which God advised the human being. The Creator of the human being advised him to treat his parents well since his mother carried him, nursed him and raised him with tenderness and since both his mother and father took responsibility for him as a fetus and infant when he had no strength or ability of his own, and then through the various stages of his life.

God advised kindness and excellent treatment towards parents, especially in their old age when they are weak and in need of a tender hand, a sympathetic heart and beautiful treatment springing from fidelity and love.

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What is Our Message to Humanity?

All his life on earth converged towards this ultimate concern for man, make him face what is the most vital: his true life after death.

In this video, he recalls this vital subject, the core of islam, and calls his brothers and sisters to carry, with him and after him, this message.

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The Knowledge of Sufism: Understanding and Interpreting Revelation

October 24th, 2022|

My intention in these pages is to show the way to God and to illuminate the Path that leads to Him. My intention is to wake the sleeping, stir the lazy into action, and invite men and women of high aspirations to the banquet of God. My intention is not to present the discipline of Sufism as a thoroughly documented academic history; such knowledge is of no benefit if the only thing behind it is intellectual curiosity. I speak from my heart to liberated hearts. Nonetheless, our conversation requires that we use our minds to seek clarity and that we familiarize ourselves with the conditions of the Folk so that we can rise up to race them, competing with them to attain every sort of excellence, as God (the Most Sublime) has commanded us.

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Eid al-Fitr and Post Ramadan for the Youth

May 1st, 2022|

In Arabic, Zakat means that which purifies and causes growth; al-Fitr means to break the fast. In Islam, Zakat means obligatory charity. Al-Fitr here means breaking the fast of Ramadan. So, Zakat al-Fitr means the obligatory charity to be given when Ramadan is coming to an end.