Renewed Islam

  • Renewed Islam

The Grave’s Discourse to the Living and the Dead

The tongue of the Spiritual State is even more eloquent in communicating with the dead than is that of speech when communicating with the living. The Messenger of God –God bless him and grant him peace- said, ‘When the dead man is laid in his grave it speaks to him, saying, “Woe betide you, O son of Adam! What distracted you from contemplating me? Did you not know that I am the house of trial, of darkness, and of solitude as well as of worms? What distracted you from me? You used to pass me by, strutting on!”

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Signs of Renewal of Islam

Since the term Sufism is not mentioned in the book “The Prophetic Method,” another term, renewal, is mentioned in various forms. What is your interpretation of renewal, and how to know the “one who” renews the religion?

  • Renewed Islam

How the Youth can Benefit from the Best ten Nights

The best ten nights of the year are the last ten nights of Ramadan because they include the best and jewel of all nights, called laylatul qadr (night of decree and power), that is better than a thousand months and in which the entire Holy Quran was revealed. They start on the night of the 20th day of Ramadan (i.e., the night right before the start of the 21st day).

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Ramadan:Supplication Amidst Global Sorrow

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the sacred month of Ramadan, a period cherished for its spiritual introspection, communal gatherings, and fasting, we are confronted with a sobering reality that casts a shadow over our joyous preparations. Despite our anticipation, we are continually bombarded with distressing images and reports detailing the unfathomable suffering endured by our

  • The Act of Resistance: A Renaissance for the Nation

The Act of Resistance: A Renaissance for the Nation

Every act of resistance marks a new chapter in civilization, a fresh emergence for the nation, and a rebirth for humanity. It unfolds through novel values where individuals discover their selves, delving into their depths to connect the apparent with the profound and the immediate with the eternal. It unveils new concepts in which freedom is sensed amidst