The School and the Movement

Editorial Board

August 3, 2013

Imam Yassine is not only a scholar who founded a school of thought, called the Justice and ‎Spirituality School, but he is also the leader and spiritual guide of a movement, called ‎the Justice and Spirituality Movement, that translates the School into action.‎

The School

The Justice and Spirituality School‎ embodies a comprehensive approach, called the Prophetic ‎Method, was developed by Imam Abdessalam Yassine to revive and renew Islam as it ‎was originally taught by the Prophet, may God grant him blessings and peace, while ‎responding to contemporary realities. It draws on the prophetic example in that it seeks to bring ‎together a group of Muslims within a system conducive to a shared vision, a unified effort, and a shared ‎progression on the spiritual path. And the School is therefore open for all who ‎wish to join from all over the world.‎

The Movement

Imam Yassine’s efforts didn’t stop at the visionary and theoretical stage by founding a school ‎of thought. For years, he worked diligently to unite Muslim consciences and energies within ‎an organized collective effort that crystallized into the Justice and Spirituality Movement, ‎aiming at making positive and significant change, locally, nationally, and internationally for ‎both Muslims and people of other faiths. Inside this organizational framework, members, men and ‎women, are introduced to the virtues and branches of faith in practice, following the prophetic ‎method and under the spiritual and organizational leadership of Imam Yassine and the ‎School’s guiding council [majlis al-irshād].