Prof. Imad Benjelloun

Imad Benjelloun

July 24, 2023

1. Islam is the truth you have been seeking, that has not been challenged by anyone, given its proven perfect authenticity

2. Islam makes the most sense

3. Islam is simple to understand and practice

4. Islam is practiced based on seeking knowledge

5. Islam gives high purpose and meaning to your life

6. Islam offers you guidance, direction, discipline, and structure

7. Islam leads to healing, hope, and happiness

8. Islam brings peace, tranquility, and contentment to your heart

9. Islam leads you to top success in this life, that results in your eternal success in the next life

10. Islam answers the key questions of your life:

  • where did I come from?
  • who am I?
  • why am I here?
  • where am I going?
  • what is death?
  • what is life after death?
  • why is there both good and evil?
  • how do I solve problems in life?
  • what is success?

11. Islam has solutions to the ills of the world including poverty, racism, oppression, injustice, violence, gambling, and drugs

12. Islam is fair to all (no discrimination based on gender, color, culture, race, wealth, or power) and it promotes fairness and justice for all

13. Islam requires accountability

14. Islam brings people together and makes relationships stronger

15. Islam recognizes all prophets and messengers sent by God

16. Islam is the final religion that has been completed, perfected, and chosen by your Creator Almighty

17. Islam is total submission to your Creator with love and passion

18. Islam’s holy book, the Quran, has never been changed since its revelation 14 centuries ago