The Law of the Jungle

Abdessalam Yassine

October 23, 2023

The Law of the Jungle

The fall of Granada, the last stronghold of the Muslims in Andalusia, was coupled with the discovery by the Europeans of a new continent they later called America. In 1492 ce, Christopher Columbus inaugurated a new age that would last for five centuries: this was the age of colonialism, the plundering of the non-European world, the enrichment of the West at the expense of all the other peoples of the earth.

In the conquered regions of Andalusia, the Inquisition championed by the Church burned any Muslim who refused to embrace Christianity. Catholic fanaticism in South America and Mexico preconfigured the atrocities later perpetrated by Protestants in North America, where tens of millions of American Indians were exterminated and their cultures and civilizations erased. In fact, the United States and Canada are still closely organizing this extermination on the reservations while in Brazil – where the law of the jungle still reigns supreme – this program is even more violent and cruel.

By the end of the fifteenth century, the program of colonialism was well under way thanks to the massive and effective fleets of the Europeans, the foremost of which were the English. No inch of land with its natural or human resources was spared by the colonial typhoon. This exploitation was then legitimized with concepts from international law such as “colonies,” “protectorates,” and “mandates.”

At international conferences, the Europeans would divvy up the spoils amongst themselves by drawing up maps that resembled those made by children who zigzag around and splash red, green, and purple wherever they feel like. These new boundaries were meant to form cages to confine the indigenous peoples to areas called the “nation-state” to separate them from their history and distort their identity. And thus was the unity of the Muslims dismembered.;-Journey-into-the-Light-Volume1/pages/103