The Crusader Assault

Abdessalam Yassine

October 20, 2023

The Crusader Assault

Because of Hitler’s massacres, the West feels it owes the Jewish people a great debt. But who should pay? The Muslims, of course. As Gilles Deleuze, the French philosopher, wrote: “Europe did not pay the tremendous debt it owed the Jews; instead, it has forced innocent people to account for this, namely, the Palestinian people.”

The disease of jāhiliyya, whose violence reached its zenith in Nazism, is still alive in the West, allied with a Crusader spirit that targets, above all else, Islam.

In the eighteenth century, the European mind became obsessed with invading the rest of the world. Inebriated by the spectacular progress they had achieved in science and industry, the Europeans began looking down at other nations just as an adult would look down at some immature child.;-Journey-into-the-Light-Volume1/pages/97