Mansour Ndiaye “A Letter of Condolences and Elegy”

Mansour Ndiaye

December 27, 2013

The Guide and exemplary model is gone! Founder of the movement of Justice and Spirituality of Morocco, Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine left this life to join his Lord; a life of jihād, of endurance for and by God. He not only trained his disciples on spiritual education and spiritual perfection, but he distinguished himself through his vehement jihād to preserve and safeguard the Islamic heritage of Morocco as well.

I present my most heartfelt condolences to his family, to the other iconic figure – his daughter Nadia Yassine, to all brothers, to the Moroccan people and to the entire Islamic umma.

When I met him in January 2012 in his residence in the presence of the brothers who accompanied me… “I felt that the hearts were united”, as a divine provision overwhelmed our belief in God that day, to dedicate its love and respect to the Guide and perfect model – the Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace).

Sheikh Yassine, as he was affectionately called… but his life is with God in the image of his spiritual jihād and his love of the Lord-the Generous. May He welcome him in His infinite mercy and places him high amongst His illustrious elect who experience neither fear nor fright.