Dr. Muhammad Raza Taimoor “A letter of Condolence and Elegy”

Muhammad Raza Taimoor

December 17, 2013

Dear All

Ustaz Yassine demise is a real loss for Islamic World, however, we Muslims have a different view of this loss as compared to secular one. We can make him live through his teachings and practice. We have clear message from the life of the Holy Prophet and his Companions. Though Sahaba mourned a lot when the Prophet left them but they grasped the sunnah of the Prophet. Pass my specail condolences to near and dears of Imam Yassine. It is not grief only for them but we are equally share this.

News about Imam’s death is published in Pakistan’s newspapers in these meanings:

Stance critic of Morocow’s King, Abdusselam Yassine has passed away. Details describe his imprisonment by the government. (Daily Jang Lahore)

We will make our best efforet to float the message of Imam here in Pakistan, Inshallah.

Muhammad Raza Taimoor

Assistant Professor (History)

Govt. College Burewala