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You should learn the acts of the heart that are required for their prescribed time, the acts of the tongue for their prescribed time, and the acts of all your other organs at their prescribed times

Back to Basics

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This is a presentation of a NEW translated book in English, by Imam Abdessalam Yassine, God have mercy on his soul. The title of the book is “Back to Basics: The Justice and Spirituality Movement”. And the purpose of the book is to remind you of what is most essential in your life, which is to pursue Justice and seek ihsan. Justice and ihsan are the primary dual purpose of your life that are clearly stated by God Most High in the Holy Quran in Sura 16 (The Bee – an-Nahl), Verse 90. God says: “Surely, God enjoins justice and ihsan.”

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“The woman is a person who is respected and honored, independent and courageous, one who teaches and learns and takes part in all spheres of life.” The Muslim Woman: Journey into the Light vol.1

List of Writings

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The project of Imam Yassine [may God preserve him] has begun with the first two books entitled respectively: “Islam between the Appeal and the State” (1972) and “Tomorrow Islam!” (1973) which laid down the fundamentals and bases of “the School of The Prophetic Method [Madrasat as-Sulūk al-Minhāji]”, then the book of “The Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawi]” (1982) which comprises the great marks of the school presenting an integrated and complete educational, spiritual and political conception of the Islamic dynamism (that is why this book is considered the ideological framework of the Justice and Spirituality Movement). Other books have come to expound the details of this conception in various disciplines. For instance:

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