Abdessalam Yassine

Abdessalam Yassine’s Humanity-Centered Paradigm

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As a leading figure and visionary in the Muslim revivalist movement, Imam Abdessalam Yassine was a prolific author and scholar with deep insight into modern issues. His intellectual legacy is rife with humanity-centered perspectives that find their roots in the teachings of Islam and the common human values found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration Toward a Global Ethic.

Family and Social Cohesion symposium

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The 11th Commemoration of the passing of Imam Abdessalam Yassine, may God have mercy on him, continued on Sunday, the 3rd of Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1445 AH, corresponding to December 17, 2023, in the Moroccan city of Salé. The proceedings began with a recitation of some Quranic verses from Surah Ar-Rum by the esteemed reciter, Mr. Abderrahmane ben Taher.

11th Commemoration of the Passing of Imam Abdessalam Yassine, God Have Mercy on his Soul

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This commemoration will feature a rich program encompassing media coverage such as videos, articles, research, seminars, lectures, and discussions addressing contemporary issues. Special emphasis will be placed on the evolving dynamics of the Palestinian cause. Additionally, attention will be directed towards the family issue and its pivotal role in fostering social cohesion.

The Spiritual Discourse Will Unify the Muslims

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Abbadi, the Secretary-General of the Justice and Spirituality Movement and School, stressed the need to adopt a “spiritual discourse” because it will bring together the dispersed Muslims first and humanity as a whole, noting that spiritual excellence is what sterilizes "the germ of corruption in the hearts". He also spoke of the state of the Muslim community and the world, saying, “the world is dominated by conflict, wherein the titanic devours the strong and the strong devours the weak and the latter eats the weaker, and so on."

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