Why does the USA Support the Zionist State?

Abdessalam Yassine

October 16, 2023

Why does the USA Support the Zionist State?

The United States of America has three reasons, different from those of Europe, and more important, for supporting the Zionist state, both initially and ever after:

The first is on confessional grounds: the advent of the Kingdom of Zion is a dogma common to both Jews and Protestants, great readers as they are of the Jewish Bible.

The second is that Arabic countries harbor the most important petroleum sites in the world, and that they need a steady guardian to watch over the treasure at close hand—in the event of a “desert storm.”

Both economic and dogmatic considerations merge and develop as a third reason, which is political and in direct control of the events: the existence of a Jewish lobby in Washington, sustained and financed by six million American Jews, rich, very powerful, active, and influential.