The Quran rends the veil of familiarity

Badi uz-Zaman Said an-Nursi

March 15, 2013

With its acute and miraculous expositions, the Noble Qur’ān rends the veil of familiarity and habit casted over all the beings in the Universe which are known solely as ordinary things but are all extraordinary and miracles of Divine Power. The Qur’ān reveals those astonishing wonders to conscious beings. It attracts their gazes to the eloquent lessons it embodies for admonition and opens up before their minds an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge.

The five pillars of islām in the Quran

The five pillars of islām (1) , which are like one twig of the branch of īmān, down to their finest details are set forth in detail by the Qur’ān. Not only has the Qur’ān preserved the beauty of the harmony and the perfect balance amongst them, but it has kept the smallest points of conduct, the furthest aims, the most profound wisdoms, and the most insignificant benefits and fruits as well.

And the proof of that is: the perfect order and balance and the beauty of proportion and soundness of the greater Sharī‘a of Islam, which has emanated from the decisive statements, senses, indications, and allusions of the comprehensive Qur’ān; they form an irrefutable and decisive proof and just witness that cannot be doubted. This means that the Expositions of the Qur’ān cannot be attributed to man’s partial knowledge, and particularly to the knowledge of an unlettered person. They rest rather on a comprehensive knowledge and are the word of the One Who is able to see all things together and observe in one moment all truths between pre-eternity and post-eternity. Āmannā. [In this we believe…]


1Here islām (uncapitalized) refers to the rank and not to the Religion.