Resign to the Qur’ān

Abdessalam Yassine

August 3, 2013

A man told Abi Dardā’ -may God be pleased with him- : “Your brothers from the people of Kūfa send you their greetings” He said: “You too offer them back my greetings, and tell them to resign themselves completely to the Qur’ān for it will guide them to the intent and ease, and spare them the injustice and roughness”. Meaning: make the Qur’ān like the rein or punch in one’s nose, follow it and work by it”. (1)


1Musannaf: by Abdur-Razzaq ibn Humama (d 211/826) –may God have mercy upon him. This is the earliest musannaf (a hadith collection arranged in topical chapters) work in existence. It is divided into topical chapters, ending with the virtues of Prophet Muhammad -may God bless him and grant him peace-.