In the Shade of the Qur’ān

Sayyid Qutb

April 20, 2013

Living in the shade of the Qur’ān is a great blessing that can be fully appreciated only by those who experience it. It is a great blessing that gives meaning to life and makes it worth-living. I am deeply thankful to God the Almighty for blessing me with this uplifting experience for a considerable time, which was the happiest and most fruitful period of my life – a privilege for which I am eternally grateful.

Indeed, it is a godly honour to feel that God the Almighty should be addressing me, a humble and insignificant human being, with the blessing and inspiring words of the Qur’ān. They lifted my spirits, and I was raised to a unique vantage point from where I could observe the tumult of human life.

I was able to gain a new perspective into man’s endless quest for the trivial and the mundane as well as the clamour of ephemeral and childish pursuits. I was astounded by the message which has the power to uplift and entirely transform human perception, experience and history on this earth.

I had the opportunity to study the Qur’ān at length and ponder over its clear and full conception of the creation and existence and their purpose. I could compare the impact of those ideas with that of others put forward by people throughout history. And I wondered how has life been allowed to degenerate into such darkness and despair, while this rich and immaculate treasure of guidance and enlightenment is readily available?

I lived in the shade of the Qur’ān, filled with appreciation of that perfect harmony and balance inherent in God’s creation, between a human being’s actions and the movement of the universe around him. I was able to see clearly the dire consequences of the conflict between the two. I could see the folly, indeed the catastrophe, to which humanity is being driven by wicked and ungodly miscreants. Alas for the human race, indeed!

In the shade of the Qur’ān, I saw this world of ours expanding for outside what we can see or define. Beyond the Manifest World lies the Unseen dimension which encompasses this and the life hereafter. A human being’s origins stretch back into the dim and distant past.