Poem 12

Abdessalam Yassine

December 14, 2013

From the Collection of poems “Qotoof” by Abdessalam Yassine
Translated from the Arabic by Yassine Hicham
December 14, 2013


My meadow became moist— and my sight beamed with light,

And away from me the dimness of distress and adversities was dispelled.

And the greatness addressed me and my resolves settled

Close to the sun and the luminous stars.

I divested myself of the garments of enervation and released

My determination to carry out the chastisement Fate.

The enemies have experienced the severity of my strength,

And under my flags, into my haven many nations have sought protection.

I have revived the faith of he who introduced jihad to us

As an ever-true religion and who awakened the heedless, slumbering natures.

Muhammad, whose Sīra) I have brought out with my hands

From the repository of news (1) and made it feasible on the ground.

May my God bless him whenever he becomes delighted,

Alive in the Abiding Paradise — is conducted to the Thrones [of felicity].


1TN: The books that contain the Prophet’s sīra –God bless him and grant him peace.