Poem: 1

Abdessalam Yassine

October 22, 2012

From the Collection of poems “Qotoof” by Abdessalam Yassine 
Translated from the Arabic by Yassine Hicham
December 14, 2013

Is it because of the remembrance of a distress within you concealed

Upon a time misspent in the intense darkness

That I have shed tears by the blaze of longing inflamed

From the ember of love, pains and remorse?

O Nafs! Passion has attacked you, so hasten

Back to God- rushing determinedly.

Have recourse to the trustworthy of Revelation, our Master

Muhammad – the best of all the creation of God,

Cling to the Book of God

That the Lord of creation taught to the Beloved with the Pen,

And take refuge with firm Guidance- his Sunna

And in what appeared from the intimation and the word

May the Lord of the Throne bless him whenever

The phalanxes of Truth win and never are defeated in a battle.