Prof. Imad Benjelloun

Imad Benjelloun

March 23, 2013

Outshine by following the most outstanding model of all creation ever:

You can know if you are on your way to excelling in this life for the next when your journey is guided by the footsteps of the most outstanding model of all creation ever, who, Muslims believe, is Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace‎ (Yassine, 1981)‎. The most outstanding model serves as guidance to constantly re-set your direction, ensuring optimal and perpetual results.

Outshine by getting detached from what is not right or righteous:

Detach your intentions, methods, means, and deeds from that which is not right or righteous. What is most important is not where you are but where you are heading to. One may be a great leader but in the wrong direction towards the wrong destination.

Everyone is a leader of himself/herself. You are no exception, so where do you want to lead it forward with all your excellent work, towards the passing pleasures of this life or towards both the contentment in this life and the eternal bliss in the next?

Outshine by outperforming your peers:

What makes people the best is that they successfully outperform their peers, personally, professionally, spiritually, and socially. Relative to their peers, they are closer to God, make more efforts, spend more time and money, show more patience and perseverance, demonstrate higher ethical standards, display superior behavior, exhibit more care and compassion toward others especially their close family members and the needy, are in the forefront in fighting for people’s rights and defending their country, dress well but modestly, look nicer and neater, look joyful and smiley, speak truthfully and constructively, make products and provide services with better characteristics while making them more affordable to more people, go the extra mile, pay meticulous attention to detail. Do more with less for more people with less means.

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