Prof. Imad Benjelloun

Imad Benjelloun

March 27, 2013

Test yourself!

You may test your commitment to excellence by answering these questions: Are you willing to do what is necessary to change from wrong to right, bad to good, and good to great?

If necessary, are you willing to redefine your vision and reset your direction, change your association and connections, purify your intention and convictions, clear your interpretations, adjust your actions, give up your bad traditions, and so transform your way of life to the better?

Are you willing to build the necessary strength, patience, perseverance, courage, and wisdom to rightfully embrace, defend, champion, stay firm for, and fight for what is good for the people and planet while being ready to defy, expose, oppose, and protest that which is not good for them?  Yassine, 1981).

At a higher level, are you willing to be the first to pay the price to stand up for people rights and the planet preservation, take the risk, pave the way for others, be a role model, and hence become among the best of the best?

Be yourself!

Being yourself is essential for becoming among the best. Do not claim or commit to that which you do not intend to do. Simply be yourself.

Regardless of your level of incompetency, if you truly want and seriously try your utmost to excel, and have firm belief in God infinite ability to help you, God will enable you to excel.

Once you are true with God, yourself, and others, you will know yourself better, recognize and rectify its shortcomings, build on its real strengths, and hence excel.

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