Prof. Imad Benjelloun

Imad Benjelloun

March 25, 2013

Know your Lord and learn how to excel in worshipping Him:

You do not want your great efforts to excel to be in vain as a result of perfecting a wrongful deed, striving in a wrong way, or having a wrong intent. You do not want to live an “excellent” life for the sake of this life and end up with valueless results in the next life, the lasting one.

Pure intention, sincere commitment, strong willpower, and constant prayers are all essential for excelling but not enough. One still needs to make the necessary effort to acquire the core knowledge, the knowledge of God, while mastering his/her field of interest, in order to illuminate the journey and ensure it is on the right path to ultimate success in the hereafter.

Learn from the men and women of God, who your Creator is, how to excel in worshipping Him, and how to transform all your excellent works into acts of worship. Also, learn from them what not to excel at so that you do not waste your time and energy in perfecting that which is not accepted by God or/and has no benefit to yourself or to His creation.

Master the tools and techniques on how to excel in your field:

Excellence requires true expertise that can only be built on thorough study. Learn how to excel from the experts in your field. They master the latest proven approaches for achieving excellence. You can then build on their highest level of expertise, and advance it.

Do not be completely locked up by any particular approach. Be creative and flexible, adapt these approaches to your own needs, and try to develop a better approach. Modern scientists still cannot fully understand how the world’s wonders were built by ancient genius minds. The latter developed their original excellence approaches to achieve such superior quality.

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