Upholding the Covenant

Abdessalam Yassine

October 26, 2023

Upholding the Covenant     الثبات على العهد


ما خُنْـتُ عهـــدا للوداد أحــبَّتي!           وَتَلَقَّفَتْنِــي بــعْـدَكُـمْ أتـْـــرَاحِــي

I never betrayed the vow of love I cherished!

But after you, my heart was left so perished.


زلَّت بِيَ الأقدامُ مُذ فــــارقتُكــمْ           والنَّفــــسُ منِّـــي مُــــزِّقـتْ بجــراحِ

Since parting ways, my feet have stumbled, sore,

And deep within, my soul’s been wounded more.


لِلـّه أيــامُ الصـفــاء تــبــدَّدَتْ                 فمَــــتى تعُــــود بِطِيبَـتي أفـراحِـي؟

The days of pure delight, for God, have flown,

When shall the joyous sweetness be re-shown?


From the Collection of poems “Chadharat” by Abdessalam Yassine

Translated from the Arabic by Yassine Hicham


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