The Seventh Virtue: Beautiful Comportment

Abdessalam Yassine

January 30, 2024

Beautiful comportment is to be distinguished in both substance and appearance from the deceptive, empty trappings of materialist society. It is for the fresh water drawn from the springs of the Qurʾān to flow in our discourse, undiluted by the speculative language and expressions of new-fangled ideologies and philosophies. If we are not intent upon distinguishing ourselves in this manner, we will one day find that we have dissolved in the acid test of materialism.

We can observe this dissolution among those who pontificate about changing society while raising hollow slogans in the name of Islam, even though they have in fact succumbed before taking their first step. They are defeated when they hide their Islam, when they look down upon the Sunna, or, worse yet, when they give in to a sense of shame and allow themselves to behave with hypocrisy.