Gaza under Continued Genocide

Heather Jone

October 30, 2023

The ongoing situation in Gaza and Palestine defies simple characterization as a “war.” While the term “war” implies two organized military forces in combat, the reality here is far more intricate. On one side, the Israeli military, equipped with advanced technology across air, sea, and land, engages with a predominantly civilian Palestinian population lacking the resources and infrastructure of a regular army. Their resistance is characterized by unwavering faith in their cause and rudimentary tools like stones, making them defenseless against the overwhelming firepower of the Israeli forces. This stark disparity in power and weaponry underscores the conflict’s asymmetric nature, rendering it more aptly described as aggression. Terms such as “arrogance” and “ethnic genocide” highlight the perceived disregard for the Palestinian rights and lives, along with a systematic attempt to erase their identity and displace the population. It is aggression, arrogance, ethnic cleansing, displacement and an attempt to abolish a homeland, obliterate a history of the Palestinian identity.

The people of Gaza are enduring mass atrocities, indiscriminate killings, and war crimes, while the international community’s silence and complicity perpetuate these humanitarian crises. The suffering of Gaza’s children trapped in a never-ending cycle of violence and instability underscores the pressing need for a just resolution and a condemnation of Israeli forces targeting civilians, including children and women, thus exacerbating the already dire humanitarian situation. Such actions flagrantly violate human rights and international laws governing the treatment of non-combatants in conflict zones, prompting condemnation from various quarters as they challenge the fundamental values of compassion, protection of civilians, and respect for human dignity that are expected in any armed conflict. These children are tragically ensnared in a perpetual cycle of violence and instability, living lives marked by daily hardships, fear, and uncertainty, as they witness the destruction of their homes, schools, and neighborhoods. The legitimacy of the Palestinian cause, rooted in a history of displacement, dispossession, and an enduring quest for self-determination, is acknowledged by a significant portion of the international community.

Our brothers and sisters in Gaza are enduring nothing short of mass atrocities, indiscriminate killings, and war crimes at the hands of the Zionist enemy, all of which are occurring in full view and hearing of the world. It does not stop there; it has reached the point of blatant targeting of hospitals. The most recent example being Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza, where medical personnel, ambulance workers, civil protection teams, and the wounded are being systematically killed. Deliberate cut-off of medicine, electricity and water supplies to the entire population of Gaza constitutes a clear violation of all international laws and agreements. These humanitarian crimes would not have occurred without a license from the Western powers, led by the United States, and without an unprecedented international silence and complicity. All this is still happening despite the acknowledgment of international health organizations, foremost among them the World Health Organization, of the horrendous and catastrophic nature of the situation in the Gaza Strip.

In the holy words of God, there are Quranic promises that predict ultimate victory of truth over falsehood. These promises were given to the Prophet’s companions (may God be pleased with them) when they were a small, oppressed, and persecuted group. Holding onto these promises with strong faith and unwavering confidence, they found hope and good news. For instance, In Surah Al-Anbya, God, the Most High, proclaims, “Then We fulfilled Our promise to them, saving them along with whoever We willed and destroying the transgressors.” (Quran, 21:9). The significance for us in this verse lies in its relevance to the narratives of past Messengers. God, in His absolute promise, assured them that He would pave the way for them against their disbelieving adversaries, ending their trials and decreeing a favorable outcome. The Messengers, steadfast in their faith, eagerly anticipated the realization of God’s promise.

As the world watches, Palestinians in Gaza continue to stand firm and their quest for justice and self-determination remains unwavering. The suffering of Palestinian children in Gaza, innocent victims of the prolonged conflict, serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for a just and lasting solution to this deeply rooted issue. It is incumbent upon the international community to come together to treat the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and strive to uphold the rights and dignity of all Palestinians, particularly the children who bear the heaviest burden of this ongoing conflict. Similarly, the gravity of the situation calls for continued global protests and awareness raising, particularly within the Islamic world. It is imperative to instill this just cause in the conscience of future generations to prevent counter-narratives from undermining its essence. It has been narrated that the Prophet (God bless him and grant him peace) said: A group of people from the Muslims will remain on the Right Path and continue until the Day of Judgment to triumph over those who oppose them (Muslim), retrieved from (

The Palestinian cause will continue to be the beating heart of this nation, preventing all efforts to distort its identity. The recent events at Al-Aqsa have ignited hope in the hearts of Islamic nations and reaffirmed their faith in God’s support for His righteous followers. We do not give in to despair, even as we witness ongoing bombings and destruction, and the daily increase in the number of martyrs. Despite Gaza’s isolation and the abundance of Zionists’ supporters, the future still holds the promise of Palestine’s liberation and its freedom.