The Rights of Woman in Islam

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Islamic Law is not a code that should be imposed on people by the authority of the State. That is why the need for the Call’s educational mission can never cease. Inviting people to God through teaching and exemplary conduct is the only means to make people observe the ethics of Islam and hasten to give all men and women their due rights...

Seeking God’s Countenance

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If not for the hereafter, its rewards and the promise of the highest stations in Paradise, its punishment and the threat of the lowest stations of hell, what would have motivated us to believe in God’s existence and be secure in the belief that the universe has a Lord Who created it, a Lord Who is Omniscient, All-Wise, and Omnipotent. What motivates the believing men and women to do good, and what sustains the ethos in the Muslim society other than the fear of God’s punishment and the desire to earn His reward in the hereafter....

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