Editorial Board

November 9, 2012

Jihad is a continuous effort of reconstruction and reunification. The Islamic personality must be a conscientious, diligent, and skilled worker. The success of the qawma (popular uprising) depends upon mobilizing people in order to take part in the effort of reconstruction in a committed and voluntary manner.
The repeated failures of the current illegitimate secular governments will lead them inevitably to material and moral bankruptcy. But the Islamic alternative will not save the situation unless it awakens in the ummah unrelenting enthusiasm to put in place a new era and establish an economy in full interaction and harmony with the general march of the Islamic reawakening.
In an Islamic society in the process of building its edifice on solid foundations, the value of work and the dignity of workers must be restored. We must put an end to the capitalist exploitation of working even as we must check the socialist, communist pretenses that instigate the outrage of the exploited workers to achieve personal ends.