Vision, Mission & Objectives

Editorial Board

March 11, 2014


Our pursuit of the Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawi] is a response to the urge of the individual believer to draw closer to God -Exalted is His Name- by actions dear to Him; it is also a response to the needs of a generation of believers who are eager to struggle in the way of God, in hopes and yearning for the fulfillment of His promise.

If God allows this method to turn into a well-paved and distinct path embodied in Education and Organization, while we observe the conditions of Education and Organization, which include the virtues of companionship for the sake of God, and sincerity with Him, individual and communal salvation will ensue. Individual salvation is expressed in the intimate knowledge of God, and communal salvation represented in the success and victory promised to the virtuous and diligent community of believers.

We are seeking the Prophetic Method that is linked through time, but also knowledge, practice and education to the best of creation. We are seeking a method that enables two victories: enlightenment of the heart and success and victory on earth; a dual endeavor, just like that of the blessed companions.


Our mission is to contribute to the spread of the Prophetic Method, which was an act of brilliant results, a school that gave us the most notable companions, the greatest of this nation and the best human beings after Prophets -peace and blessings be upon them.

Our mission is to contribute to the unending discovery of the secrets of the Prophetic Method. A method that resulted in the illustrious struggle which yielded the “historic miracle” that changed the world deeply, widely, quickly and irreversibly.

Our mission is to discover what enabled the Prophetic Method to succeed in integrating selfish individuals, the deprived of them and the tyrant, the oppressed and the oppressor, within a unified and strong community bound by mutual care, by a common goal and by a readiness to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the community.


– Presenting the Prophetic Method as a scientific conception, a practical model and an integrated theory for change and construction.

– Introducing Imam Abdessalam Yassine -God have mercy on him-, the Imam of Renewal, his multidisciplinary writings, and his opinions and positions regarding educational, intellectual and political issues

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