The Spiritual Discourse Will Unify the Muslims

Yassine Hicham

December 15, 2015

Mohamed Abbadi, during a speech at a memorial tribute organized by the Justice and Spirituality Movement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the passing of its founder Imam Abdessalam Yassine, Sunday 13 December, 2015, Salé (Morocco), avouched that “the spiritual discourse” is an alternative to the conflict raging between different spectra. Morocco, Abbadi went on, is witnessing a prevalence of verbal violence among many political currents, and that if the situation continues as it is, it “will take us from verbal violence to physical one as experienced by our brothers in the Orient.”

Abbadi stressed the need to adopt a “spiritual discourse” because it will bring together the dispersed Muslims first and humanity as a whole, noting that spiritual excellence is what sterilizes “the germ of corruption in the hearts”.

The Secretary-General of the Justice and Spirituality Movement and School also spoke of the state of the Muslim community and the world, saying, “the world is dominated by conflict, wherein the titanic devours the strong and the strong devours the weak and the latter eats the weaker, and so on.”

He pointed out that the evil of terrorism grew rampant due to its diverse causes and motives, and listed many of the suggestions, which he said would be an outlet from the labyrinth which humanity is experiencing.

the Secretary-General finally called on everyone who wants to get to know the school closely, saying, “Come to us, our hearts and homes are open,” and added, “We are the sons of one homeland, and our goal is to serve both the sons of this homeland and the entire humanity”. He also stressed that only Qur’anic-based spiritual discourse can lift humanity from its misery, and put an end to the strife and conflict between parties.