Presence and Humility

Abdessalam Yassine

August 12, 2012

Among the lessons of the Prophet that may be drawn from day and night ritual invocations as well as those related to special occasions is that they do not include one invocation for one matter. Rather, we would find more than one invocation so that we may not recite the invocation without contemplation and with a heedless heart. At-Tirmidhī and al-Ḥākim reported that God’s Messenger (God bless him and give him peace) said: “And do know that God does not answer the prayers emanating from a heedless heart.”

That is why the Believer should not perform Du’ā’ ar-Rābiṭa with a specific formula learned by heart. Rather, his prayers should come spontaneously from a heart that is vigilant, humble and broken.

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the end, we ask God, the Most Kind and Most Merciful, to guide us towards Good, to strengthen our powerlessness before Him so that we may gain His Favor and to employ us in all endeavors that aim to restore to our Umma its glory and qualify us to earn His Satisfaction.

The last of our prayers shall be “Praise be to God, the Lord and Sustainer of the Universe” and Grace and Peace be upon the Messenger Muhammad, His Family, Companions, Brothers and Party.

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