Mend Your Flaws and Attach Your Intention to God

Ibn Ataa Allah as-Sakandari

June 4, 2013

Those traveling towards Him are guided by the guiding Anwār [Lights]. Those who reach Him have the encounter Anwār. The first belong to the Anwār, and the Anwār belong to these, because they belong to Him and to nothing else: “…Say: ‘God’, then leave them to play in their discourse. [6:91]”

The travelers [sāliks] along the path to Him were guided by the guiding Anwār, or the Anwār radiating from their worships and trainings which set them on the direction of the path to the Presence of the Lord, for He says: “But as for those who struggle for Our sake, We shall assuredly guide them in Our ways…” [29:69]

Those who reached Him [al-Waṣilūn] have the Anwār of encounter or the Anwār of nearness and endearment.

The first are enslaved by the Anwār because they need them to reach their aspiration, and those who reached [al-Waṣilūn] have the Anwār, because they belong to God and nothing else, as He said: “Say: ‘God'” or head towards Him and don’t incline to Anwār or others, “then leave them to play in their discourse. [6:91]”.

To single Tawḥīd [affirmation of the Divine Oneness] after the extinction of othernesses is the truth of certitude [yaqīn], and seeing anything other than Him is indulge and play.

Your quest to seek your inner flaws is better than your quest to know the unknowns concealed from you.

Your insight’s quest to seek what is hidden of your flaws and limitations and diseases of the heart (as haughtiness, envy, spite, self amusement, hypocrisy, stardom, insincerity, loving supremacy, fame and the like), and striving to rid your self of them especially with the help of an Expert of God [‘Ārif bi-llāh], is more beneficial than seeking to know what was concealed of the unknown that was not revealed to you of Godly secrets and celestial wonders and miraculous gifts [karāmāt]. The latter is your self’s fortune and share, and the former is your duty towards your Lord.