Chapter 102 [at-Takatur]

Editorial Board

December 12, 2012

– ‘Ali (God be pleased with him) said: “God’s Messenger used to perform the last two-unit prayers [rak’atay ash-Shaf’] and the closing one-unit prayer [rak’at al-witr] of the Night Prayer [salāt al-Layl or al-Witr an-Nabawi] by reciting nine chapters from the mufassal [the ending chapters of the Qur’ān as of Chapter 49]. Aswad said, ‘he used to read Chapters 102, 97, and 99 in the first rak’a, Chapters 103, 110, and 108 in the second rak’a, and Chapters 109, 111 and 112 in the third rak’a.’” Hadith reported by Imam Ahmad and at-Tirmidhi (God have mercy upon them).


      Imam Abdessalam Yassine (Warsh Version)
      Sheikh La'yun al-Kushi (Warsh Version)
      Sheikh Yassine al-Jazairi (Warsh Version)
      Sheikh Mishary Rashed Al-Afasy (Hafs Version)
      Sheikh Abderrashid as-Sufi (Susi Version)