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July 4, 2022


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7. Learn What and How to Excel in Order to Be on the Right Path

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Pure intention, sincere commitment, strong willpower, and constant prayers are all essential for excelling but not enough. One still needs to make the necessary effort to acquire the core knowledge, the knowledge of God, while mastering his/her field of interest, in order to illuminate the journey and ensure it is on the right path to ultimate success in the hereafter.

10. Persevere Patiently in Order to Overcome the Journey’s Obstacles

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Don’t give up! Remain steadfast and continue to learn from your missteps and build on your successes until you meet your Lord with the highest level of accomplishment and excellence. If you falter, fall or fail, stand up, improve, and go on. The lifetime journey for excelling in this life for the next is full of challenges and obstacles that require a lot of effort and expertise, which both necessitate patience[1] and perseverance. It does not happen overnight nor is it achieved through quick fixes.

11. Be Balanced and Purposeful in Order to Best Serve God’s Creation

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Do not let the beauty and enjoyment of excellence enslave you to the temptations of this world and draw you away from God. Instead, let your lifetime journey for excelling have the purpose of drawing you towards God and preparing you for your afterlife. God, will then make you among His best stewards on earth and His best guests in heaven.

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