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The Quran, the key to all truths

By |2021-04-19T13:47:11+01:00March 24th, 2013|The Month of the Quran Has Come to You|

The Qur’ān is the pre-eternal translator of these creatures; the sempiternal interpreter of the various tongues constantly reciting the verses of creation; the commentator of the great book of the Universe; the discloser of the treasures of the Divine Names concealed in the heavens and on the earth; the key to the verities hidden beneath the lines of events; the tongue of the Unseen World in the Manifest World; the treasury of the favors of the pre-eternal and Divinely addresses, and the Most Merciful and perpetual attentions; the foundation, plan, and sun of the spiritual world of Islam, and the sacred map of the worlds of the hereafter; the distinct expounder, lucid exposition, articulate proof, and clear translator of the Divine Essence, attributes, Names and deeds; it is the instructor of the world of humanity; the water and light of Islam; the true wisdom of mankind; and the true guide and leader urging humanity to prosperity and happiness. It is both a book of law and wisdom, and a book of prayer and worship, and a book of command and appeal, and a book of invocation and thought - it is a book for all spiritual needs; and it is a sacred library offering books and treaties fitting for the various ways and different paths of all the saints and veracious ones, the wise and the learned, which suits the illuminations of each way and enlightens it, and is appropriate for the course of each path and depicts it.

The Quran rends the veil of familiarity

By |2021-03-01T15:18:34+01:00March 15th, 2013|The Month of the Quran Has Come to You|

With its acute and miraculous expositions, the Noble Qur’ān rends the veil of familiarity and habit casted over all the beings in the Universe which are known solely as ordinary things but are all extraordinary and miracles of Divine Power. The Qur’ān reveals those astonishing wonders to conscious beings. It attracts their gazes to the eloquent lessons it embodies for admonition and opens up before their minds an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge.

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